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Sponsorship Rates

January 23, 2021

Real Talk interview episodes have an average of 2150 listeners per episode, while Real Talk feedback/non-guest episodes have an average of 1300 listeners per episode (January 2021 – stats retrieved from all podcasting platforms including YouTube).

  • Interview Episode: $250 for a shoutout at the very beginning of the podcast 
  • Feedback Episode: $150 for a shoutout at the very beginning of the podcast

Additional Notes

  • A shoutout is done by either one of the hosts and typically takes the form of “This episode is brought to you by our friends at X Company, who make Y. You can find out about them at their website A big thanks to them for sponsoring the show and making this conversation possible.” 
  • Send advertisement & payment (or questions) to
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason
  • Interview episodes are released once a month and feedback episodes are released two weeks after each interview episode is published. 

Payment Options

We accept:

PayPal – contact for details

Credit card – we can take your information over the phone at 1-204-751-0613

Cheque – email for details