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June 29, 2020

Real Talk is a podcast presented by Reformed Perspective focused on having meaningful and honest conversations with subject experts about the various challenges and issues facing the Reformed church community. Hosted by Lucas Holtvluwer and Tyler Vanderwoude, Real Talk aims to inform your discussions and inspire you to have challenging but important conversations with fellow Christians in the spirit of brotherly love.

Tune in every month for a full length, 60 to 90 minute interview-style podcast with our guest of the month. Two weeks after every interview-style podcast is released, we will release a followup podcast where we go through all the scripture texts and literature referenced by the previous guest. Given the fluid nature of podcasting and conversations, this will also be an opportunity for us to issue any clarifications the previous guest may have felt needed to be made. Most importantly, we will go through any questions or comments that have been sent in by Real Talk listeners. Please send in your feedback to or message us on Facebook or Instagram

With your help, we hope to build Real Talk into a platform where Reformed Christians can engage in robust and respectful dialogue on a wide array of topics including church life, business, politics, theology and more! Click here to listen on your platform of choice today. 


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