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Ep. 13 - Christmas Bonus Pt 1. - Culture - Racism - Marxism

December 17, 2020

Welcome to the Christmas Bonus episode! In this one we have on Mike Hutten from the One Christian Thinks podcast to talk about all things culture. You can check out his podcast and all of our research links down below.

This podcast ended up going super long so we divided it into two parts (part two drops tomorrow) to make it easier to consume. In the first half we talk about racism, BLM, and how current cultural movements are impacted by ideologies like Marxism, Neo-Marxism and Critical Race Theory.

This is a bit of an experimental episode where you get to hear a little more from us as hosts. In this episode, we keep it pretty broad but the hope is to do a deep dive into more specific cultural issues every few months with Mike based on the feedback you all provide. Please let us know if this is something you would enjoy listening to!

One quick note - we’re starting to get a substantial audience with a couple thousand of you tuning into each of our interview episodes. This is super humbling and we’re very grateful for your support. To help grow the podcast, we’re planning on starting to do some advertisements at the beginning of each episode. If you’re a business owner or know someone who would benefit from advertising their products or services on Real Talk, please send us an email at the address listed below.

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